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"Feeding Children Body and Soul"
It is often said that the greatest gift
one can give is the opportunity for
others to achieve their goals in life.
Teddy Bears With Two Eyes
is helping children reach those goals.

Welcome to the Teddy Bears Home Page!

Teddy Bears With Two Eyes is a non-profit organization ‘Feeding Children Body and Soul’. It was founded in September 1999 and the work of the organization is entirely voluntary.

Teddy Bears works to feed children of the Loma Fresca barrio in Cartagena, Colombia, South America. The children receive food, education, healing and love at the Teddy Bears school. The school building was purchased in 2000.

Funding and assistance are sought from businesses, churches, schools, organizations and individuals.

The eyes of a child - filled with hope.

The Teddy Bears School 

The Teddy Bears School is located in the Loma Fresca barrio of Cartagena. Since its purchase in 2000, the school has been upgraded and repaired. A shower area was constructed to provide the children facilities to bathe since they do not have running water in their homes. In 2006, planning began to enlarge the school to address the growing number of children who are hungry.

The school provides food, education and a safe haven. These are basic needs for children, and for most, the food is their only source of nutrition. Poverty 'is' the barrio.

The teachers at the school are social workers and students from the university. Parents assist the teachers with the children in the classrooms. In addition, volunteer nurses assist by providing for basic health care needs.

The Teddy Bears School
The Teddy Bears School was purchased in 2000, pictured here in 2006.

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Teddy Bears With Two Eyes is a 501(c) 3 tax exempt organization. Donations are tax deductible.